Legacy Coaching

Get It Done Legacy Coaching

End-of-life planning often involves a long, seemingly never-ending, list of "to-dos" -- wills, executor, signatures, POAs, Advanced Care Plans, funeral plans, legacies, plus a score of practical issues like online passwords, social media accounts, financial info, and a myriad of details related to your home and belongings. You want to make things as easy as you can for your loved ones. That's why I offer "Get It Done Legacy Coaching".

"Get It Done Legacy Coaching" is laser-focused support, helping you to complete a comprehensive end-of-life (EOL) plan. Each session lasts only 20 minutes, which means that it's easy to schedule into your busy life. During the session, we focus on one or two aspects of your EOL plan and agree to a plan of action. You commit to that action and I support you to get it done. Then, if you need further support, you can book another session when it suits. Or you can purchase a series of sessions. Whatever choice you make, I'm here to help you "get it done". And believe me, it feels good to have your affairs in order and knowing that it will bring peace of mind to your loved ones in their time of grief. Be remembered for all the right reasons. Give the gift of love: a comprehensive end of life legacy.

To enquire about booking a session email Michael at iamthestoryteller@gmail.com

What Have Previous Clients Said?

"I recommend this workshop which is a simple but extremely useful explanation of the steps you can take to write a legacy letter to anyone you would like one to go to. Each step was clearly outlined and explained with examples then time given to think about it in relation to your own situation." J.R. (England)

"Writing a Legacy Letter" is a must do. Give the gift of being present to your wisdom, your voice and your legacy. Take the learning and give it away, often. We are only on this earth a short amount of time, share the abundance of your life." C.D. (U.S.A.)

"Dr. Williams' knowledge of and compassion for my concerns was wonderful. He walked me step by step through the process and I felt so much better because that was another step completed that I don't have to worry about...and neither do my loved ones. If you are struggling with making out your will, powers of attorney, and advanced directive, I encourage you to contact Dr. Williams. I highly and without a doubt recommend his assistance in this most important part of your life.” ~ Grace Augustine, Iowa, U.S.A.