If you died yesterday, how would you want to be remembered?

The first time I was asked that question, I was shocked. It forced me to consider seriously my mortality. And my legacy.

What did I want to be remembered for? Being a nice guy. A funny grandad? A used-to-be teacher? And who would remember me? Would I simply leave it up to chance and hope that my loved ones all knew what was important to me and remembered me in the way I'd hoped? Or would I share my story -- my legacy -- with them now? I needed a plan, and end-of-life plan (EOL).

Writing Your Legacy Letter

As a storyteller with a passion for life story and an end-of-life planning, it was inevitable that I would combine my passions and turn to legacy writing. After studying the subject and coaching people in their own end of life reflections, I decided to create a space for people to create their own legacy.

To facilitate this, I came up with my 5-step process that anyone can learn. In one 75-minute workshop, you will be given time to follow this process and create a draft of your legacy letter to gift to a loved one of your choosing.

Upcoming "Writing your legacy letter" Workshops on Zoom

Sunday, November 1st, 2020, 2pm EDT

To register click here. Once registered, you will receive a Zoom invitation/link to join. Please bring a journal or notebook, something to write with, and an open heart.

Testimonials from previous participants in the "Writing Your Legacy Letter" workshop:

"I recommend this workshop which is a simple but extremely useful explanation of the steps you can take to write a legacy letter to anyone you would like one to go to. Each step was clearly outlined and explained with examples then time given to think about it in relation to your own situation." J.R. (England)

"Writing a Legacy Letter is a must do. Give the gift of being present to your wisdom, your voice and your legacy. Take the learning and give it away, often. We are only on this earth a short amount of time, share the abundance of your life." C.D. (U.S.A.)

Michael Williams, legacy coach & workshop facilitator

Michael Williams, Ph.D.

Michael Williams is an award-winning writer, storyteller, and accredited Before I Go Solutions® end-of-life planning and legacy writing coach.

For more information about Dr. Williams' work, go to michaelwilliamsstoryteller.com.

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